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Shandoah’s Shiatsu.. the best.
— Elena Brower


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-Katla Jacobs, Refinery 29

-Katla Jacobs, Refinery 29




Shandoah Goldman

Shandoah Goldman is a Shiatsu practitioner, specializing in teaching her clients about their bodies intrinsic movement and psychosomatic connection. Coming to the practice at age 17, the work has matured throughout the years with her.  She trained at the Ohashiatsu Institute (1997-2002) and Center for Integrative Hypnosis (2013) as well as training in restorative Yoga (2016). Through her experience as a dancer/choreographer, macrobiotic chef and the daughter of an acupuncturist and an actress, she has developed a unique style that contributes to her thorough knowledge of the body. Passionate about inspiring profound awareness in others, she hopes to unleash that same awareness into the world at large. Shandoah has traveled and worked internationally in Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada. In addition to her eBook, Babiatsu; Shiatsu Inspired Bodywork for Babies, she leads workshops in Self-Shiatsu and Babiatsu.


“Shandoah is a body whisperer - that’s really the best way to put it. During the treatment, she enters into a conversation with your body, and it responds by letting go. I’m so in love this bodywork. The pain that I walk through her door with is always gone by the time that I walk out. She is so knowledgeable about how the body moves and functions. She is a true and wise healer. You will love her!

— Carla Svetsky, Natural Healing for Women





Private Sessions

The following modalities are integrated or used exclusively as all sessions are designed to meet your personal interest and needs

  • Shiatsu (Traditional Zen style, fully clothed, no oil)

  • Integrative Hypnosis / NLP

  • Dynamic Alignment / Postural Integration

  • Restorative Yoga

Group Sessions

  • Restore Point / Restorative Yoga, Shiatsu, Meditation for stress relief, tea -- Thursdays at 11 + One Sunday per month

  • Babiatsu / Baby Shiatsu Workshops


  • Walk with ease, sit without pain

  • Do even the most challenging things with calm in your body

  • Focus on new ideas

  • The feeling of 'having a new body'

  • Have more attention, time, listening, connection, patience

  • Listen to what your body is saying in subtle and not so subtle ways

  • Befriend pain and experience more pleasure in your body

  • Get comfortable in your body, complete ease, profound relaxation

  • Waking up to life and literally wake-up feeling great in your body

Who is this work for?

  • If you are ready to wake up to yourself and feel ease, relaxation and be prepared for whatever challenge or excitement is ahead

  • If you have patterns in your mind/body you want to change

  • if you are interested in engaging with your healing process to create real change lasting beyond the session

Who is this work not for?

  • People who are interested in 'checking-out' during the session

  • People who think their healing takes place only during an hour session

  • If you think your physical tension is disconnected from your mind


I talk to everyone before scheduling to ensure that the specialized work I do is the right fit for my clients

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Located at Longtide Wellness Collective in Charlottesville VA


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In addition to private sessions, workshops and semi-privates AVAILABLE\ Please get in touch to learn +


Their words

Specializing in shiatsu, she uses stretches that feel like delicious yoga moves
— Refinery 29 'The 15 Most Epic NYC Massages'
Shandoah was able to discern what my issue was and gently and directly guide me to correction. Teaching me powerful tools for noticing the difference between imbalance and balance, I now automatically self correct as the bitter taste of old patterns are easily noticed and dropped. Ever since our first session, I walk and move with a self awareness which enjoys the enlivening health of balanced posture and breath. This single session has lead to a deep shift in my life.
— Dr.M
This was the best body work experience I ever had. Better than deep tissue massage. Shandoah has a magic touch. Can’t recommend this enough!
— Chana
I have experienced Shiatsu throughout Japan & South East Asia & have always compared my sessions to Shandoah’s, coming up short. Her capacity for diagnostic intuition, balancing and centering are unusually high & the overall sessions are transformative, awakening experiences. Rush to her!
— Brandi, Actress
Shandoah knows more than just shiatsu. Have a chat with her about your pains and she’ll get to the bottom of it. So in addition to the immediate relief, you get helpful pointers on, for example, how to correct your posture to keep those pains from coming back...
— Peter
I realize now how easily our bodies can tip out of balance and each time I visit Shandoah, I feel physically and cognitively more centered. I’m fascinated by the work and become more physically aware, relaxed and balanced after every session. Thank you, Shandoah - your expertise is absolutely invaluable
— Kristin, Dancer
I’m a violinist with persistent tendonitis and my session with Shandoah was one of the most intense, incredibly healing experiences I’ve had. I can’t wait for my next session!
— Rachel
I was introduced to Shiatsu 15 years ago when I began my chiropractic practice. It had been years since i had experienced the work. Shandoah is a talented shiatsu practitioner with an intuitive healing touch. She is compassionate and caring. Experience the amazing health benefits of Shiatsu by Shandoah.
— Robert S.
I recently had the opportunity to get treated by Shandoah and it was exactly what I needed. Upon entering her studio, the smell of lavender instantly began the relaxation process and I knew this was going to be a great treatment. I have an extremely busy schedule, which includes taking care of my son, work, school and I train martial arts 4-5 days a week, so it’s hard to get treatments as much as I should. As soon as Shandoah started though, she knew right where to go, listening to what my body was telling her. She was very open and caring and her sensitivity to what my body needed each moment was incredible. By the time I left I felt completely energized. Even with my busy schedule I will definitely make it a priority to see Shandoah again very soon.
— Alana
I have had recurring neck pain for the past two years and in one session, Shandoah not only released my whole upper back but gave me one profoundly valuable tip about my posture that has helped me release in ways I couldn’t have imagined! She is a beautiful spirit with healing hands.
— Xiemena
I was introduced to Shandoah through Bend and Bloom Yoga studio where I took one of her workshops in Shiatsu. The workshop was a wonderful experience. It was informative, laid back and a great introduction to the benefits of Shiatsu. I look forward to attending the next one in November. I then indulged and went to have a shiatsu massage with Shandoah which confirmed her highly intuitive and gifted qualities as a practitioner. I found her practice to have a wonderful flow that induced a deep sense of relaxation and invigoration. I am a dancer so have several aches and pains that needed addressing. Her experience as a dancer enabled her to fully understand all my complaints and I experienced huge shifts of energy within my body and felt things releasing as she worked on me. I left feeling calm and relaxed but also energised with a clear mind and focus. I highly recommend her to anyone who is very physically active but also to anyone who needs to unwind and let their troubles drift away.
— Meg
Shandoah’s Shiatsu NYC, the best.
— Elena Brower, Art of Attention
There is something miraculous in the simplicity of Shandoah’s approach. She understands the subconscious’s willingness to be explored with a minimal but focused guidance on her part, and receives it with a warm and gentle confidence that enables the process to unfold naturally and feels safe. The results are powerful and undeniable, with remarkable effectiveness after just one session.
— Lune
Shandoah has an extensive understanding of the body through her own dance practices, a sensitive touch and very friendly and approachable persona. I have benefited greatly from her treatments, my body feels great and I appreciate her insights and advice. Go see her and she’s sure to help you along your way!
— Zoe, Acupuncturist
This summer I had 6 or 7 sessions with Shandoah. I loved the first session so much that I signed up for a series. Shandoah is skilled, professional, responsive, sensitive, knowledgeable. I can’t say enough about her work! She helped me with recurring upper back issues and with advice on making some changes to my lifestyle and diet. I plan on scheduling another series with her beginning this month!
— Delia
Shandoah is a very good listener, an intuitive healer, and engages me actively in the therapeutic process during each visit, helping me to understand what’s going on in my body. I not only feel better after seeing her, but also feel as though I’ve learned something about myself that I can continue to practice while I’m sitting at my desk at work or relaxing at home. And perhaps best of all, the benefits are both mental/emotional and physical. Seeing Shandoah has been an investment I am extremely glad to have made. I can’t recommend her more strongly.
— Erin
I can honestly say that working with Shandoah changed my life. She is incredibly gifted and insightful and taught me a tremendous amount. Each session (I had four) lingered for days, as I integrated what I’d experienced into my daily life. I know I will be going back to her periodically as I have never felt so peaceful and energized as I have from her practices. She truly is amazing.
— Brenda
I felt gently and soothingly guided through the experience, feeling like it lasted only 15 mins or so, not the actual hour that it did. Right after the session I felt calm and relaxed. Since then I have felt the ‘craving’ much less often and when it has come up I have been immediately aware of it and able to use one of the tools you gave me to get past it, really helps and I feel quite empowered that it then helps me to focus my attention elsewhere.
— Ruby
A few years ago I started struggling with a condition that made me loose all movement of my left hand and some on my right hand. It’s a combination of nerve damage and bad circulation that makes me constantly in pain specially on my legs - feet - arms - hands. My first session with Shandoah was an eye opening experience. I’ve been to many doctors and none have been able to truly help. She worked on my arms and with a combination of pressure and stimulation of the nerves I could for the first time in 4 years open my fingers! After the second session I had no pain for the entire week! There is a lot of love in what she does and the way she does it , and that is very powerful !!!
— Ana
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of receiving a session from Shandoah and I am still feeling the profound effects in both my body and emotional state. For a few years, I have suffered with muscle tension in my psoas muscle. After my one session, I almost immediately began to feel the pain fade. Not only did she help me on a physical level, but she guided me into the deeper psychosomatic layers. She has a knack for putting people at ease and a healing touch. Highly recommend!
— Denise




Shiatsu inspired bodywork for babies

Designed as a hands-on tool to guide you in the simple practices of the ancient Japanese healing art of Shiatsu, and how those practices can be modified for use with your baby. The human impulse of touch is especially alive in babies. Honoring this intuitive, somatic intelligence is a necessity for a thriving developmental stage. You will be guided through simple and effective techniques for soothing your baby before sleep, during common upsets or just as a sweet way of connecting anytime. Using gentle movements such as holding, rocking, pressure and circular motions, babies can experience profound balance.

Kindle $4.99 AMAZON

Paper Back $10 PURCHASE





These guided audio tracks are short and sweet. Intended to use as breaks throughout your day to bring you back to a profound sense of release, curiosity and joy in a brief amount of time.



Release tension and restore balance with this practice. Insert it into your day or listen before bed for a restful sleep. 6.5 Minutes


Walking Practice

A practice to use as you walk to work or just go on a leisure walk. Through the practice of walking, discovery your alignment, ease, and release tension in the most basic activity you to daily. 9 minute


Practice self-love

Turn your attention inward as you cultivate a sense of appreciation and love for yourself. This powerful starting place has the potential to soothe your nervous system and about a profound sense of spaciousness in your body. 5.5 minutes


Balancing Act: The Ki to Shiatsu

By Shandoah Goldman, Mind Body Green