experience change

An integrated approach to changing patterns

It makes more and more sense as I work with the body just how connected everything going on in the brain is. I have been fascinated with the psychosomatic connection for some time and this natural evolution is so inspiring. My focusing on patterns in the mind and ignoring the body, we only get a part of the picture and vice versa. An integrated approach means we respect the signals the body is giving as well as the thoughts, emotions and beliefs the mind provides. The dialogues then is one of real change reaching our wildest imaginations of what is possible.

So what is this work all about?

Its a way to teach YOU how to change anything you wish to change by accessing the subconscious parts of the brain which hold specific neural pathways or patterns.

My first question will be, What do you WANT to change?
That's right, you choose what needs tweaking and rearranging on a brain level and experience just how powerful change happens when we go beyond the conscious mind filters.


  • We will begin by getting clear on what you want to change
  • Without digging into the past, the emphasis of the work is to envision how you would like to feel moving forward
  • Conversational change is the starting place for learning tools to change patterns quickly which you can use far beyond the session
  • Deep relaxation, also known as 'trance' will guide your change and is an enjoyable state of extreme calm
  • Some patterns can shift in one session, others take longer. Each person's readiness to change influences their experience greatly.

Schedule a complimentary 20 min phone chat to see if this work is right for you.

Shandoah trained at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in NYC (2013). As a seasoned Shiatsu practioner, she brings her knowledge of the body to meet the knowledge of the mind, creating an unparalleled holistic experience of change. / 646.671.7572

There is something miraculous in the simplicity of Shandoah’s approach. She understands the subconscious’s willingness to be explored with a minimal but focused guidance on her part, and receives it with a warm and gentle confidence that enables the process to unfold naturally and feels safe. The results are powerful and undeniable, with remarkable effectiveness after just one session.
— Lune